Help! Where Do I Begin??

Thanks for using TenFourFox! We're sorry you're having trouble. Try these sources of information first to see if your question has already been answered:

  • Look at the TenFourFox FAQ, which answers many common questions about TenFourFox in general.

  • Because TenFourFox is based on Mozilla Firefox, the vast majority of existing Firefox knowledge base articles also work for TenFourFox. You can search for these articles from the Mozilla Support page.

  • If you are looking for official release notes for a version of TenFourFox, or other kinds of technical documentation, you can look at the TenFourFox Wiki.

Are you still having problems? Before filing an issue, consider some of these steps to see if they help:

  • Reboot TenFourFox in safe mode by holding down the Option key as you start TenFourFox. This turns off add-ons and JavaScript acceleration. If this fixes your problem, you may have a misbehaving add-on.

  • Delete your cache folder in your profile. You can find out where your profile is stored from this Mozilla support article. Be careful not to delete anything else.

  • Create a completely fresh profile, especially if you just upgraded from a version of Firefox prior to 3.6; older versions may have bugs in the way they stored your data which make them incompatible with current versions. You can find out how to reset your profile from our support article.

Remember: if you are a beta, unstable or Intel branch user, do not file issues on Tenderapp (here). This site is for our end users on the PowerPC stable branch only.