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20 Mar, 2014 08:09 PM

I just started using 24.4.0 (with 10.4.11), and think it's faster than its last incarnation. Thanks!

Here are a couple of little things I've noted:

1) Tab animation won't disable, even though 'browser.tabs.animate' is set to 'false'.

2) How do I set all tabs to open with a Google search-page?

3) When I visit Google's encrypted search-page (, there's no padlock, and also the gray circle that appear to the left of the address is non-clickable, so no additional info can be found out about it. I realize this issue may not have to do with TFF, but I wanted to mention it, just in case.

Thank you for your time!

  1. Support Staff 1 Posted by Chris (chtrusch... on 20 Mar, 2014 11:04 PM

    Chris (chtrusch)'s Avatar

    Hello Dave,

    I can't reproduce 1) and 3) with 24.4.0. Tab animation on/off and padlock for Google work. There must be something wrong with you user profile. Since the padlock is critical for security, I'd export my bookmarks and then start over with a fresh profile.

    For 2): Type about:config in the url bar and hit return. Scroll down to browser.newtab.url (or use the search filter) and set the value to

  2. 2 Posted by Dave on 21 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

    Dave's Avatar

    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for your quick reply. I downloaded a fresh version of TFF, and as you recommended, also deleted the Profile; upon starting the problems were resolved. I do wish to mention, though, that I was already working with a new Profile, and a fresh version of TFF, in case you see these same issues again. Additionally, I appreciate the about:config tip, as well. Thanks again, Chris!

  3. 3 Posted by Dave on 21 Mar, 2014 04:02 AM

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    Hey Chris,

    Sorry to say the 'no-padlock' issue reappeared within thirty minutes of using a new Profile (the third 'new' Profile I've tried today). Also, tab animation (the little, blue swirl in the tab-header) also started-up again, despite a 'false' setting in about:config.

  4. Support Staff 4 Posted by Cameron Kaiser on 21 Mar, 2014 04:31 AM

    Cameron Kaiser's Avatar

    I'm not sure why it halted the blue swirl, because that setting doesn't control that. It only controls the tab animation when a tab is opened or closed.

    I'm looking at the padlock right now in Google encrypted search. Perhaps a screenshot would be helpful so we can see what you're seeing. Are you sure you aren't connecting through something that's messing with SSL?

  5. 5 Posted by David on 21 Mar, 2014 06:18 AM

    David's Avatar

    Hello Cameron,

    In regards to the tab-animation issue, I thought that changing the about:config setting was supposed to turn off all tab-animation, including the 'blue swirl.' I think I misunderstood what that setting was supposed to do. So, I would like to suggest that the setting also be able to turn on/off the blue swirl, for more complete control over tab animation.

    Now, regarding the loss of the 'padlock,' that's very perplexing to me. I spent the better part of an evening trying to work it out, but could not.

    I, too, see this issue as a security concern, so I just finished deleting TFF off of all my drives, so I can't send a screenshot. But, I have found a page that clearly shows that the shape which takes the place of the padlock is called a 'gray globe.' Here's the link:

    Also, I have a pretty straightforward setup, so there's nothing messing with the SSL; plus, all my other browsers are working correctly.

    I hope you can find the root-cause of this unusual issue. Thank you for your time, Cameron!

  6. Support Staff 6 Posted by Chris (chtrusch... on 21 Mar, 2014 10:15 AM

    Chris (chtrusch)'s Avatar

    I've been using Google encrypted search for the last four hours (extensively) in 24.4.0, and the padlock is always right where it belongs. Weird. Do you see this with other https websites, too?

    I find the loading indicators very helpful actually, I wouldn't want to miss them. However, you can make a suggestion at Mozilla (who are responsible for this code) at

  7. 7 Posted by Dave on 21 Mar, 2014 12:10 PM

    Dave's Avatar

    Hello Chris,

    Yes, I saw the 'gray globe' on a few other sites, too; but, not many. Though, after downloading a fresh copy of TFF, and also creating a new Profile, Google encrypted DID show its customary gray padlock for a short time.

    I came back to the site every five-minutes or so, and noticed that after about a half-hour, the padlock became a 'gray globe,' which I understand signals 'mixed content.'

    The padlock never came back, even after a few hours of rechecking the site, yet it always appears correctly on Google's regular website.

  8. Support Staff 8 Posted by Cameron Kaiser on 21 Mar, 2014 07:11 PM

    Cameron Kaiser's Avatar

    I hope you can find the root-cause of this unusual issue.

    Unfortunately, without a way to locally reproduce, I fear that will not be possible.

    Mixed content is indicated by a shield icon in the address bar (see ). Note at the bottom "The icon is a gray globe despite blocking enabled" -- this may apply to your situation. However, this would still imply something unusual about your network. Unless you are using another current Mozilla browser like SeaMonkeyPPC, you can't rely on the behaviour of other older browsers here because SSL and methods of handling unsafe and mixed content have changed substantially in the recent past.

    I'm sorry we weren't able to help you. Good luck with whatever browser you are using. I will close this ticket since it appears you are no longer using TenFourFox. If you have more information, any reply you make will automatically reopen it. If you do not have further information, no reply is necessary.

  9. Cameron Kaiser closed this discussion on 21 Mar, 2014 07:11 PM.

  10. Cameron Kaiser re-opened this discussion on 21 Mar, 2014 11:31 PM

  11. Support Staff 9 Posted by Cameron Kaiser on 21 Mar, 2014 11:31 PM

    Cameron Kaiser's Avatar

    Dave, as indicated by me, simply replying to this thread will reopen it -- I'd prefer not to have multiple tickets open on the same issue. You said, in the new ticket I moved here,

    Hello Cameron,

    I put some time into this, as I couldn't believe that my old G4 with a simple modem, and no router, was causing the 'gray globe' issue. I'm not a computer person, but I think I may have stumbled onto something:

    Now, using a fresh copy of TFF, plus a clean profile does NOT create the issue. I have a feeling that's why you and your associate did not see the padlock replaced by the gray globe. But, I'd used 'about:config' and added the encrypted Google search-page to the 'browser.newtab.url' setting, thinking that was okay. RIGHT AFTER doing so, every tab that appeared showed the gray globe. I've reproduced this five times in a row – deleting the Profile between each test.

    Also, if I set TFF to show encrypted Google as my 'Homepage,' then from that point on, every new window will also sport the gray globe.

    I hope this new info helps out. If the issue cannot now be reproduced on your end, then it's clear I need a new computer :>)

    Thank you for your time, Cameron!

    Thanks for clarifying your steps. This is reproducible. However, as you may have figured, this is in fact a Mozilla bug.

    You may wish to follow along there for progress.

  12. Cameron Kaiser closed this discussion on 21 Mar, 2014 11:31 PM.

  13. Chris (chtrusch) re-opened this discussion on 22 Mar, 2014 06:44 AM

  14. Support Staff 10 Posted by Chris (chtrusch... on 22 Mar, 2014 06:44 AM

    Chris (chtrusch)'s Avatar

    Sorry for re-opening this. Just as a workaround untill the Mozilla bug is resolved, you can specify as the newtab url, without the slash / at the end.

  15. 11 Posted by Dave on 22 Jun, 2014 06:26 PM

    Dave's Avatar

    Sorry to reopen this thread, but I wanted to thank you, Chris, for the neat tip on how to get Encrypted Google to work again!

  16. Support Staff 12 Posted by Chris (chtrusch... on 22 Jun, 2014 07:13 PM

    Chris (chtrusch)'s Avatar

    No problem, any time!

  17. Chris (chtrusch) closed this discussion on 22 Jun, 2014 07:13 PM.

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